Go all in poker

go all in poker

I was playing a cash game online and I got pocket Kings. If someone else keeps raising me pre-flop, should I go all -in or should I hold back in.
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Going all -in is one of the trickiest manoeuvres in poker. It can win or lose you the game in a moment. Find out how to pull it off successfully here. Is it correct to go hold em calc when you have KK? Many people do this with a pair of jacks during the early rounds which usually results in only getting calls from the hands that are better than theirs pre-flop - queens, kings or aces. Feel safe with go all in poker Game fairness and security Terms and conditions Privacy policy. Responsible Gaming Overview Basic principles Certified by GamCare Consumer Protection Prevention Research Contact. This is a little broad given the multitude of possible situations where this might happen. Online Poker Pro Strategy: How To Go All In and Win (#16)

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You have to be really really good to muck KK in NL no matter what stakes or games you're playing and be profitable. If you don't go all-in preflop and there's no A or K on the flop, you have the same dilemma and no more information. Even if the math shows a positive expected value you would need to be able to do hundreds of all-ins to reach the long term and show profit. If you are playing against a super-rock TAG then it might be a fair bet that their super-aggressive play is advertising AA. Arizona Easy Valley and West Valley have been merged into one league. go all in poker