Game of dice strategy

game of dice strategy

Introduction= First off, this game is not as pay to win as it seems, they give a large amount of freebies that are strong enough to get you into.
How do you combine characters? Combine characters for a chance to get new characters. 1. Tap [Character] from the lobby 2. Tap [Combine.
Game of dice is a game for the Android and IOS market released by JoyCity Corp last October It is no ordinary board game. ().
Game of Dice - Character Stats and Rankings

Game of dice strategy - update double

How do you equip characters? Honestly, if you want to win somewhat reliably, you have to buy gems. But as I played the game even more, I realized that my thoughts on the mechanics of Mini Battle is actually wrong! You won't be able to vote or comment. The last game I played I didn't really do too bad, but my opponent rolled the best possible roll every single time that game. Forces my opponents to reconsider using Haste.