Games planet legit

games planet legit

Excuse me for being a noob. But I consistently see Gamesplanet and their british/ german sites offering titles like GTA V, Mortal Kombat X, and.
i've looked through a lot of posts and they all seem legit, but i wanted to get a specific up to date response on if they are trustworthy. wanted.
It seems that the only seller with the rights to be retailing this game in the UK is to be Amazon. Gamesplanet cannot supply me with the goods for which I have. Battle Kid Fortress of Peril: FINALE - Game Grumps

Games planet legit - magic

It doesn't hurt after all and the whole process can be ended in just about a few minutes. The ones which are restricted are mentioned on the page itself. I definitely recommend this store. Tatsuya said: Carlmundo said: Jennifer said: note about it is legit when you buy from kingiun itself but remember there are resellers but there is a protected shield that garanties you to get the product or money back... If thats the case you should have any trouble installing on a computer with no internet access. Please check that your spam filter has not blocked our reply, otherwise do not hesitate to re-send your request or open a new ticket, and we are sure you will soon get a reply.
So use a google, lots of people saying it s fraud site. You can't invite this user because you have blocked. Gasmesplanet lost the spot. Either way I want my money back!. That's very normal if not even high. Help us translate Steam. Props to Graig at support! games planet legit