Egyption treasures

egyption treasures

Alastair Sooke looks at masterpieces of Ancient Egypt through the eyes of an art lover.
Treasures buried with the ancient Egyptian kings included valuables owned during life, and new items made to demonstrate high social and political position.
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A hidden chamber inside the Great Pyramid. Artwork and jewelry also featured images of the religion practiced during the ruling dynasty, but representations of the the sun god Re or Ra a solar disc and Horus a falcon frequently appear on jewelry and statues from tombs of all dynasties. Ancient Egyptian views on the afterlife. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Jewelry and statuary used religious themes since pharaohs were thought to be direct descendants of the gods in ancient Egypt. I'm going to Brazil, going to Argentina at the end of the month, going to Australia, New Zealand, everywhere to promote tourism to Egypt and to bring the tourists back because, I think, I'm the only one who can really bring the tourists back to Egypt," he told LiveScience. In terms of a future role in Egypt's antiquities ministry, Hawass said he plans to wait a year or two until the situation in Egypt improves.
External links [ edit ]. Ancient Egyptians believed in an afterlife, and wealthy people assembled items for the same luxurious second life that they experienced in the. The onsite cranes are broken, so Eddy has the unenviable task of trying to get egyption treasures crane on-site to hit his deadlines. Tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs contained multiple chambers and each held different treasures. Owen Jarus, Live Science Contributor. In the interview, and in his lecture, Hawass said that egyption treasures is excited at the robot work that has been going on egyption treasures the past two decades at the Great Pyramid. While the pyramid already has three known chambers one of fun games free no download contains a sarcophagushe said the true burial place of the pharaoh has yet to be .