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free em simulator is quite good. But heavily based on script language. I've not come across an open source 3D em simulator which also has a very.
The following table list notable software packages that are nominal EM ( electromagnetic) simulators;. Name, License · Windows · Linux, 3D, GUI, Convergence.
GLMoM -- Method of moments EM field simulator with GUI. newFASANT -- Free student version of MoM based antenna and RCS calculator with GUI.

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Spyder -- MATLAB like interface to scientific Python. This was formerly the Toy and ToyBox codes. MMANA-GAL -- Method of moments solver with GUI. It is used for the modeling of high-frequency electromagnetic field in. FFmpeg -- Record, convert, and stream audio and video. free em simulator EMS: User-friendly and Powerful 3D Electromagnetic Simulation fully integrated in SolidWorks
GIMP - Photoshop like image manipulation program. This web site is cool. Slicers and G-Code Generators. Researchers Develop Interference-Resisting Antenna. TetMesh - Automatically meshes a volume with an unstructured tetrahedral mesh. Inkscape - Illustrator like vector graphics editor.