Fantasy five odds

fantasy five odds

Each playslip has 10 play areas (A-J) with boxes numbered 1 to 42. Fill in the numbered boxes corresponding to the numbers you have chosen to play or select.
With Fantasy 5 you're only two matches away from a FREE ticket and three matches away from winning a cash prize. Draws occur everyday so your odds of.
The odds for most Fantasy 5 games are so good for winning the jackpot, why play other games?? Fantasy 5 is my favorite jackpot game, but I. Find out more about Lottery Books SHOP NOW. If you play a pattern that occurs only. Otherwise, you'll be spending MORE money chasing a SMALLER guaranteed prize. Advantage Gold is the best lotto strategy software which has a vast assortment of charts and reports. This means that the. Changes to prize structures may be edging bj at any time without notice.
California Fantasy 5 Lottery Game - What Are the Odds of Winning the Jackpot? fantasy five odds