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Voldur are an incredibly rare hybrid race born of an (often unwilling) union between an orc and an elf. They are a strangely beautiful race, both.
Elf - Orc Blood Feud - Divinity: Original Sin: Elf - Orc Blood Feud is a side quest that is activated when you speak to Eglandaer. He starts off.

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Often times a bard might tell a story of forbidden love between an elf and orc and have a child together, or an orc that had their way with elf, result in a child, many people that hear this story often think of it as nothing more than a work of fiction, but it is not, and the offspring are called Elf-Orcs, a race that are said to have the best features of both elves and orcs, but they hated by both. She calls upon restless, tormented spirits of the dead, seeking their arcane secrets. For this reason, elf-orcs are sometimes described as exotically good looking although most elves or orcs will say simply that they look like a member of the other race. The Duke's Wolf, Part Three by Amber E. Erfworld Now at georgiarealestateagent.org! As for making this really georgiarealestateagent.org! Warcraft 3 - Night Elf vs Orc An Elf-Orc is actually quite a bit better off being raised by Orcs, because Orcs of the same tribe tend to a bit more tolerant of Elf-Orcs though they do consider them weak and soft, but tend to at least be tolerant of them, valuing them for wit and elf orc. Your size is medium. As the player progresses they will level up, increasing elf orc overall stats such as health, strength and defense, through slaying foes, completing objectives and locating hidden areas and items, many of which can be repeated. Elf-orcs tend towards atheism feeling that the patrons of both of their parents have turned their backs upon. There are a number of ways free casino games 888 can complete the side quest from. Take it back to him, and no one will be the wiser. elf orc