History of keno

history of keno

The history of Keno is full of speculation and legend as well as documented evidence of the original game we play today. It has evolved from a Chinese learning.
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Keno is a lottery-type game. Keno history started around 200 B.C. in China during the transitional period from the Chou (Zhou) Dynasty B.C. to 256 B.C.).

History of keno -

Wild Jack New Zealand. Players placed bets as to where counters would land after being thrown onto the board. This enabled Keno players to carry on playing despite the fact that lotteries were illegal. Therefore, he came up with the idea for a new game - Keno. Get Your Tickets Now! Considering the purpose for which Keno was used in Ancient China, and its public character with the common people able to play for the big win, experts have concluded that Keno is actually the first national lottery project. Types Of Keno Bets. history of keno