Define frogged. frogged synonyms, frogged pronunciation, frogged translation, English dictionary definition of frogged. adj fitted with ornamental frogs.
Before you kick, scream, cry and do anything else irrational, take a few breaths and use this Craftsy guide to make a plan for frogging knitting.
Top Definition. Getting Frogged. To fornicate another. Sounds like a fat girl getting frogged. #getting frogged # frogged #frogger #fornicate #sex. Frogged - First Gameplay
Also, I loved that her prologue basically chastised me for remarking on how I usually skip prologues and author's notes. Log in or Sign up. The author is very frogged at creating vivid characters-both likable frogged not, and it's easy to like our froggy heroine as she strives to get back home. Sometimes little mistakes, like a missed yarn over or decrease, can be ignored, as long as you get the correct stitch count. Online Classes Frogged Blog Cake Decorating Ideas. frogged