Forgot security question square enix

forgot security question square enix

As the title says, I wanted to re-sub to FFXIV, but I'd forgotten my Square Enix password. I tried using the password recovery tool, but it.
Doesn't the form just ask the security question you simply It is the Square Enix page that will allow you to contact support for the game. me after the support ticket for the same situation (forgot my security question) but.
I have forgot my password i used the Facebook option to register. I can't remember my Security Question and One-Time Password. Can any.

Forgot security question square enix - update

Startopia - General Discussion - Archive. It says 'id or email address'. All times are GMT. Praetorians - General Discussion. I know there is a similar thread but that one has to do with beta and trying to access different forums. FFXIV ARR: I Was Hacked! Protect Your Account! Important Notice to All Software Token Users Sep. Yep, having the same issue. Yeah, I got stubborn. As I said: It's not even secured. Crash 'N Burn - General Discussion - Archive. forgot security question square enix