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Hidden symbol has gamers buzzing about Assassin's Creed release. February 17, Video; Image.
When the developers updated the game, he would poke around the The above symbol was weird enough that Bellavia posted it on Reddit.
If you see that in a video game, you always knows what that means. Red barrel is pretty good too but not a symbol. I don't care if this is the Red Cross logo. gamer symbol

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If you see that in a video game, you always knows what that means. The sigil was presumably added through a patch at some point, but no one's quite sure, really. Either way, the sigils and glyphs have all the makings of an alternate-reality game ARG , where players collaborate on solving a mystery spread across the digital and physical world. Brand Guidelines Contact Us. People that didnt know these now know these, like the person who posted before me.. Gaming Logos Logos Made Simple Use Tailor To Make Your Own Gaming Logos Logos!

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Here's what things look like right now: Image courtesy of Game Detectives Each colored circle is a glyph taken from a different game, and when they're laid on top of one another, they gamer symbol to create this larger symbol. Players have been slowly assembling clues and hints for a larger puzzle they're still free online casino downloads sure actually exists. But everyone and their great grandmother know what this little fucker is. Oh, I see what you did. For everyone calling me dumb for posting this, im just trying to help to community. Check All Uncheck All Gamer symbol Only Login Join A A.