Fire joker

fire joker

Is he worth to build? i've already baretta raoq and arnold for fire damage, i know he's cool for some stage of toa but for other things? Maybe.
Summoners War - Seara & Jojo (Wind Oracle & Fire Joker) - Duration: NO CELL TEM JOGO.
Leader Skill: Increases the Defense of ally monsters in the Dungeons by 33%. Jojo works very well with other bombers like Liebli(Dark Joker), Taurus(Wind Kobold Bomber), Malaka(Water Kobold Bomber), Dover(Light Kobold Bomber) and bomb detonators like Carrack(Fire Pirate Captain.

Fire joker - costume

I want an honest opinion, is he good to use? Edit: Also, I am wondering if he can be used as an annoying staller: similar to Water Warbear, except without the Crouch but with debuffs? Hall of Heroes : Sian The Water Joker! However, you can get past the cleanse of Veromos by inflicting multiple debuffs before dropping bombs. And asking for advise. Builds and Guides Central.. So I need some in put. TMG Summoners War: Fire Joker (Jojo) Applies disturb HP recovery, continuous damage. I don't really ferris bueller online he has a place in arena atm unless you have a way fire joker immediately detonate bombs, but like you said hes really good in toa. Almost everyone knows wind is better. Builds and Guides Central. Deals AoE continuous damage. fire joker