Game where you play as a wolf

game where you play as a wolf

Exciting new wolf RPG combining sim game features with roleplay. Embrace pack life as you assemble your pack, breed your wolves, hunt for food, gain and.
(ALL INSTRUCTIONS IN GAME). ---INTRODUCTION---. Welcome to "Life Under the Trees", a wolf simulator! Here you can play the role of a.
Our collection of games like WolfQuest offers other virtual wolf games where you can play as a wolf or other animals.
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Game where you play as a wolf - basketball

Please enter the text below:. The games like WolfQuest on this page all let you play as an animal of some sort. Be sure to keep health points up, too! Where online-with NO download-can i play a wolf game,with a wolf's life in... I want to play it o... Hunt prey to gain hunger points, and click water to gain thirst points. The game is a simple experience but also very unique and available for Windows and Mac. game where you play as a wolf