Guardian of the sand

guardian of the sand

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There have been several sightings of a massive guardian that has risen in the sand gardens of Stillmoon Temple. This guardian has been very. guardian of the sand
With the guardian out of the way, exploration of the temple can continue. It is simply too dangerous to continue our exploration of the temple as long as that guardian is. Cape of Serenity Fired Glass Free spin to win Necklace of Sandstorms Norrath's Keepers Token Polished Sunsword Quintessence of Sand Radiant Crystal Wrapped Glass Shard. Show me how to enable it. Eventually you will get to a very large room that has two north halls, the one on the right going no where, the one on the left going up to a tiny room guardian of the sand a short hall then the big boss room that has two rooms on its right wall. As for strategy, basically just clear from the zone in to Shogurei's room.