Event horizon explained

event horizon explained

The premise of the movie is that the Event Horizon, a secret prototype "gravity drive" powered faster-than-light spaceship, mysteriously.
I'm fairly certain that they're toast. "Alive" is probably not a perfect description, nor is "haunted." My interpretation was that, due to its time.
In the year a signal from the starship Event Horizon is picked up on Earth. The ship had disappeared without trace beyond the planet Neptune in her. His head lolls to the other. But if the movie lets me suspend my belief, I'm sold and forgive some of its flaws. He is attacked by manifestations of Corrick and a resurrected Weir. They are joined by the Event Horizon's designer, Dr. The Big List of Movie-Related Subreddits. Miller begs Weir to take only him event horizon explained spare the others, but Weir refuses, stating they all must go. But for go fore it reason I just assumed he killed himself in the blast I guess because his intention all along was to destroy the ship with missiles. BLACKHOLES - Approaching and Entering Event Horizon - Part 1 - Space Engine

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All posts copyright their original authors. Event Horizon is now one of my go to horror movies. Doctor Strange DVD and Blu-ray Release Date, Deleted Scenes, and Details. Seventy-two days later, the Event Horizon is boarded by a rescue party, who discover the remaining crew still in stasis. Its gravity drive spins and shudders and harbors a sludgy pool leading to infinite darkness, and like some deep-space Philadelphia Experiment, its bulkheads are infused with Things That Should Not Be. The Doctor briefs the crew, telling them that the Event Horizon was built to test an experimental gravity drive. Sensors indicate the artificial gravity is off-line, as well as the climate system.