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The following is the in-game blog from Game of War. This page provides all the latest Game of War News. Do you have trouble loading the.
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Dive into the Flames: The Hephaestus Core Set! Daily Bonus Club Rewards The Daily Bonus Club or DBC,... Take its rewards as your own wearing this divinely wrought gear! Now is your chance to rule Game of War. Each Title confers either a boost or a negative effect on all players residing within that Kingdom. Dread Captain Secret Core Set. GoW Crafting Cores in Game of War.

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I love my Health Trap. Alchemy Lab: Crafting Guide. Cut the ribbon to the next level of the following buildings:. Guide to Troop Types. Vault to the Underground Dungeon through events or through the Explorer Dungeon. Please visit the How To Play section to expand your Battle-Marking horizons! As an added bonus, the person that gathers the last Resource from this Tile earns a HUGE Gift of Food for their entire Alliance. gow blog