Fantastic four 50

fantastic four 50

Forty-four years after it was originally published, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's “ Fantastic Four ” # 50 is justifiably regarded as a classic story and.
Cover pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Joe Sinnott. Galactus battles the Silver Surfer in the conclusion of the Galactus Trilogy, The Startling Saga of the Silver.
The Silver Surfer takes on Galactus in an epic battle! Meanwhile, Johnny has received the deadliest weapon of all time--The Ultimate Nullifier!. fantastic four 50 Click here to buy or sell comics through eBay Auctions! While finally, Johnny arrives at his first day of college at Metro University. Hulk Robert Bruce Banner. This includes previews and covers for other Marvel titles. Alicia Masters thanks the Silver Surfer before he is off to explore.
Fantastic Four